Okanogan Producers Marketing Association (OPMA)

We are six small farms working together, sharing resources, equipment, knowledge, expertise, marketing and sales. We have developed a close working relationship between the farms and farmers and our Co-op for the benefit of the consumers we serve. We believe that we have much more to offer our customers through these relationships than we ever did as individual farms and farmers.

Since 2006 we have forged strong connections with our markets and have developed a reputation for excellent

quality fruit and produce as well as customer service and delivery. OPMA's quick delivery from tree to the consumer makes it possible to guarantee our products. If there is any question about the condition, quality, or freshness of any item we deliver, we will replace it or otherwise make it right for the buyer.

The naturally warm sunny climate of the Okangan makes it possible for us to grow the best quality fruit and produce available anywhere in the world.

OPMA Farms grow and market Washington State Department of Agriculture Certified Organic as well as IPM and Transitional fruits and garden vegetables.

OPMA's list of crops grown is extensive and varied. We have single trees of some varieties and acres of others so availability and quantity is dictated by the size of the planting. For example, more than 25 varieties of heirloom apples are grown on just 2.5 acres.

Our product list includes, but is not limited to, the following items:

Crop # of Varieties Harvest Dates
Apples 35 mid July to mid November
Apricots 7 July
Blackberries 1 July
Blueberries 1 July
- Sour 1 mid July
- Sweet 4 all of July
Garlic July through December
Melons 4 August through September
Nectarines 6 mid July to mid September
Peaches 16 mid July to mid September
- Winter 5 September through October
- Asian 2 September
- Hot 8 July through October
- Sweet 5 July through September
Plums 4 August
Pluots 3 late August through October
Potatoes 4 mid July to mid August
- Red 1 July through October
- Black 1 July through September
Row Crops July through October
Table Grapes 4 September through October
Tomatoes 6 mid July to mid October

See About OPMA for a detailed list of varieties and available dates.


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