about Opma

We are five small farms that work together, sharing resources, equipment, knowledge, expertise, marketing and sales. OPMA was officially formed in March of 2006. Over the years, we have cultivated a close working relationship between the farms and our Co-op for the benefit of our consumers. We believe that as a collective we have much more to offer our customers than we ever did as individual farms. We have forged strong connections with our markets and have developed a reputation for excellent quality fruit and produce, as well as customer service and delivery. OPMA works quickly to deliver from tree to the consumer, and this makes it possible for us to guarantee our products. If there is any question about the condition, quality, or freshness of any item we deliver, we will replace it or otherwise make it right for the buyer. The naturally warm, sunny climate of the Okanogan makes it possible for us to grow some of the best quality fruit and produce available anywhere in the world. For more information about the fruits and produce we raise and the exceptional service we provide, please contact us.